Our Goal

Single is an event agency aimed at single men and women who are very successful in life,

but who have not yet found their life partner.

There are just as many men and women in the Netherlands and Belgium, but the percentage of highly educated women is higher. And most of those highly educated women are looking for a man with the same level of education or higher. Thus, the more educated you are as a woman, the fewer men you have to choose from.
Women want a man with at least the same educational background and preferably a higher social position.

Single brings together like-minded men and women in a location full of ambiance, allure, style, exclusivity and discretion.

Unique Locations

Successful Single is held at exclusive locations. These locations are, historical buildings, luxury hotel, country estates, country estates.

These unique locations have at least five different areas. Every space has its own purpose during Single. The four different rooms are designated as: Business Lounge; Dinner Venue; Matchmaking Venue; Main Venue, Dating Venue.

The Business Lounge and the Dinner Venue are for guests with a Business Lounge ticket. The Matchmaking Venue , Main Venue and Dating Venue will be for guests with a normal ticket.

In the Business Lounge and Dinner Venue there can be a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 200 guests. The Main Venue accommodates at least 300 to a maximum of 500 guests.

First edition Successful Single

The first edition of Successful Single has been moved to Friday 10 May 2019 in the Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam. 

Singles who wish to attend the event must register on the website. A screening will take place after the registration. You must have at least an bachelor degree and work experience to attend the event. Attendees must also be at least 25 years old.

If you make it through the screening process, you will receive a message with a request for additional information. This information is necessary to increase the chances of a successful match.
You will also receive a message if you do not make it through the screening.

Tickets for the Main Venue cost € 52,50 p.p.

Tickets for the Business Lounge cost € 995 p.p.

Dress code is Black Tie

Identity card is mandatory, without ID access is denied

Meet your life partner

10 mei op Successful Single

If there is a match, a date will take place in the “Dating Venue”. This is a venue in a romantic setting that is perfect for meeting your life partner.

Eating should be an

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