Business Lounge

Business Lounge

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If you hold a position that prevents you from meeting your life partner through the matchmaking system, sign up now for the Business Lounge.

There is no matchmaking system but one-on-one contact with a relationship therapist for an in-depth interview at your home or at a hotel.

After conducting an in-depth interview with each guest, the relationship therapists will create a file. The purpose of the in-depth interview is to:

Get a complete picture of who the single man or woman is;
Determine why he or she has registered for the Business Lounge;
Learn what a life partner should know about the person’s life and why?
Ensure that there are no other motives than to find a life partner.

Based on the wishes and criteria of the guests, the relationship coach looks for the singles that fit best together. The relationship coaches have the knowledge and experience needed to increase the chances of a successful date during Successful Single.

You only get one chance to make a first impression”

The Business Lounge guests will enjoy a 4-course dinner before the start of the party. This dinner takes place in the breathtaking square of the Maritime Museum, where 800 LED lights provide a starry sky.
The chef and his team will prepare everything to perfection for a romantic evening.

Beveiliging is nummer 1

Security and discretion are extremely important to us

The guests of the Business Lounge have a separate entrance and exit. There is no contact with the guests of the Main Venue in any way. This also means that, both at the Gala Dinner and in the Business Lounge outside, no one with a mobile phone can enter the room except for the guests themselves. We will strictly monitor this. The details of the guests are not disclosed to anyone. You are completely separated from the other guests.

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