Meet your life partner



Meet your life partner on 9 February at Successful Single

If there is a match, a date will take place in the “Dating Venue”. This is a venue in a romantic setting that is perfect for meeting your life partner.

A week before the event takes place, guests will be able to look through the applications of the other guests. Each guest can select three people whom he or she would like to meet during the event. At the event, the guests receive advice and support from personal matchmakers and hostesses.

In the Matchmaking Venue, the singles can contact the relationship therapists and sexologists. They can tell you if anyone has shown interest in you. If there is a match between two people, the hostess will ensure that the date takes place in the “Dating Venue”.

During the date, there should be no talk about work or hobbies. Two questions will be offered: What do you want to give to your life partner? What (non-materialistic) aspects of your life do you want to share with your life partner?

Eating should be an

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