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There are numerous online dating websites, dating apps, speed dating events and dating agencies. So why is it that the number of singles in the Netherlands increases every year? In the Netherlands there are 2,500,000 single people, more than 300,000 of whom have at least a professional education level. The number of highly educated women who are single is increasing. At the moment there are more highly educated single women than highly educated single men (Dutch Statistics Bureau). With Successful Single we do not look at what fits well in the market, but what fits well with a PERSON. After all, WE are people and not a product. In today’s society, people are seen as a product and treated as such. The current dating industry is a reflection of this.

The bubble in which you live

Nowadays people tend to live in a bubble. This bubble ensures that you are not directly accessible to others and vice versa. This bubble is usually a result of your previous life experiences. It serves to protect you and keep you from getting hurt. This bubble is usually referred to as your “comfort zone”. The great thing about this whole story is that you might come across your life partner on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but because of this bubble you are not aware of it.

Ready for your life partner

Successful Single will ensure that, in the run-up to the event on 9 February in the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam, you will become aware of the bubble in which you now live. We accomplish this by making an animated video every three weeks, in which we address this in an educational way. And even more importantly, you will receive advice on how you can get out of this bubble so that during the event you are in a completely free and independent mindset and are ready to meet your life partner.

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